Two headlines have caught my eye recently that lean toward investor discernment. Recently, the CB Insights newsletter heralded unequivocally that early-stage VC deal share had hit a 5-year high. Corporate VCs’ are now increasing their share of early-stage deals relative to mid…
Free Ranging Discussion with Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe ContributorListen now (39 min) | Subjects: Journalism, ChatGPT, Boston’s technology ecosystem and other hot takes.
Last week’s warp-speed collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) captivated observers nationwide and around the world. The technology ecosystem could think…
Part Two of a Special Off Schedule Blog Posting
A Special Off Schedule Blog Post
Episode One: Interview of Marily NikaListen now (34 min) | On Product Management in the Age of AI and ChatGPT, and many other topics
Entrepreneurship is a complicated, challenging, and intensely personal line of work. That’s what makes it so compelling as a profession. It’s akin to…
Dear Readers, Since September 2021, I have written 83 posts in the “Lessons of a Startup Life” blog. That’s 83 ruminations on the nuts and bolts of…
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